Tim – Born in ‚80, became a journalist and for most of my career, I worked in newsrooms from all over the world. I am also an amateur photographer, as well as a video editor.

Caroline – Also born in '80, yet couple of months less experienced, also a journalist.

The First Experience

Out of the blue, on our first anniversary in 2012, we just decided to go on a quick holiday. There were no discussions or arguments, but just a quick decision. Like it was a natural thing to do on such an important day.

Texas! Why Texas? Because of the idyllic countryside and the beautiful coast – a completely different culture from the rest of the country.

We had no plans in mind, so we started writing down all kinds of destinations around Texas. We read about them and we finally decided – Port Aransas. It has everything. There are busy beaches, as well as quiet beaches where you can spend hours without seeing anyone. The wetlands provide enough green for those who like some fresh air and beautiful views. Moreover, the port looks old fashioned and brings in a unique atmosphere.

So said, so done! We got tickets the same day and ended up spending a week in Port Aransas.

The Return

We were literally impressed with the opportunities around Port Aransas. We're not the type to go on holiday and do the same thing every single day. One day at the beach, another one hiking, another one exploring the local cuisine and so on. It was by far the best holiday we've ever been on.

The result? We returned just 2 months later. Knowing the surroundings and leaving no room for unexpected surprises, our second holiday in Port Aransas was even better. We did visit out favorite places and restaurants, but we kept doing different things in different places, only to diversify our adventure.

From That Point on...

From that point on, we keep returning to Port Aransas a few times a year. It's our favorite destination and we no longer feel like tourists, but like locals. We know our way around and we always try to find different things to see and do – somehow, it works!

We choose different accommodation, eat in other places and take completely random trails for our walks.

Sometimes we drive, other times we use our bikes.

Indoor fun leaves room for plenty of ideas as well, whether you want to visit a museum or check the local library. There's literally something for everyone.

Our website is based on our personal experiences. Port Aransas is definitely a front running destination in Texas. It's no surprise why so many people go there every year, not to mention the returning tourists. There's something for everyone in there – families, singles, couples, large groups of friends, kids, adventurers, geeks, photographers, explorers and so on.

Learn from our experience and check out our recommendations for a better holiday plan. All our posts are inspired from our adventures only – no bias, no drama and most importantly, no stress.

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