Finding The Best Beach In Port Aransas – The Most Popular Places For Sunbathing And Water Fun

There are no doubts about it – Port Aransas has some of the finest beaches around Texas. Perhaps that's what makes it so popular and not only among Texans. However, once they get there, most people stick to the nearest beaches instead of exploring the surroundings.

Some parts might be better than others, so take your time to go to another beach everyday. Now, what are the contesters for the best beach in Port Aransas and what makes them so special?

Port Aransas Beach

This is probably the most popular beach in the area due to its name and size. It's the main place to chill and sunbath. There are numerous resorts around, hence the high amounts of visitors. The water is clear, while the sand is fine and ideal for a day out. The beach offers inexpensive parking passes if you have to drive there. There's also a free parking on site.

Unlike other beaches, the Port Aransas Beach allows campfires, yet you have to respect the rules – 3x3 feet maximum. There are multiple water sports services on the beach, as well as plenty of lifeguards for the guests' safety.

IB Magee Beach Park

Although advertised to be a park, the IB Magee Beach Park is actually a beach with some green stuff around it, so it looks like a park too. There are numerous amenities on the beach, as well as a large camping area. Not less than 75 sites can take campers on the beach. Freshwater showers are not available for campers only, but also for guests who want to get rid of sand before leaving the beach.

Mustang Island State Park

The Mustang Island State Park is easy to reach – just south of the Port Aransas downtown. It's one of the largest beach stripes in the area – five miles. What makes it special is the fact that it's categorized as a preserved area.

Therefore, amenities are limited, so most tourists go to other beaches.

If you want to fish, surf, birdwatch and sunbath without dozens of noisy people around you, this is the ideal place.

Padre Balli Park

The Padre Balli Park is on the Padre Island. While Port Aransas has everything you might need for a holiday, sometimes it just pays off to get away from the city and rush to a quiet area. Whether you want to swim, fish or read a book on a sun bed, the Padre Balli Park is excellent.

Horace Caldwell Pier

The Horace Caldwell Pier is a top attraction for tourists because it goes 1,200 feet into the actual gulf. It's usually full of amenities and energy, as people all over Port Aransas rush there for a whole day out. The beach is covered in fine sand and has its own quiet places too. However, the pier is where most of the action takes place.


While Port Aransas has plenty of splendid beaches, some of them are better rated than others due to the amenities on site. In other words, they provide a more comfortable experience. The above mentioned beaches are the front runners, but it doesn't mean that you can't explore other locations.

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