Top 5 Best Places To Fish In Port Aransas – Locations, Features And Amenities

Whether you do it for fun with a few friends or because you actually enjoy fish based meals, fishing is one of the most popular activities in Port Aransas. Sure, there is a large fishing community in the area for the restaurants on site. But then, tourists often join the hype and spend hours a day fishing and building connections with local fishermen. Now, what are the best places to fish in Port Aransas and why are they so well rated?

Horace Caldwell Pier

This pier is among the main attractions in Port Aransas because it goes about 1280 feet into the actual gulf. You can go fishing there at any given time of the day or night – it's open year-round, round the clock. Most commonly, you'll find redfish, sand trout, trout and pompano, but other species also swim around.

Fishing at the Horace Caldwell Pier is not free, yet the costs are insignificant. However, there's a limit of three rods per person. There are numerous amenities on site, so you can always take a break, have lunch or a few drinks. If you don't have shipping equipment, you can rent there. As for parking, it's free.

South Jetty

South Jetty is also open year-round and represents one of the top locations for both locals and tourists, mostly because of its downtown location. There is plenty of room for privacy – the area can easily host a few hundred people. It might be a good idea to grab some anti-slippery shoes, such as golf shoes.

Some of the most popular fish in this area include sheepshead, flounder and speckled trout. Parking is free.

Bob Hall Pier

Located on the Padre Island, this pier is ideal for those who want to fish with no restrictions at all. It's open year-round and it's close to Corpus Christi – excellent for those who take accommodation there. There are a few unwritten rules about this place. Sand trout and whiting are more common if the water looks green. Otherwise, you might have to go for redfish and drum.

Fishing prices are insignificant, but there's a limit of three rods per fisherman. You can buy or rent everything you need on the spot. Restrooms are also available, as well as bars and restaurants.

North Jetty

North Jetty is said to be the most prolific fishing spot in Texas. You'll have to take a boat to get there though. Tickets are not expensive. If you don't feel lucky, there are always other activities you can do on the beach. The main fish in the area include redfish, black drum and pompano. There's always something in season though, so you should get something regardless of the weather.

Fish Pass Jetties

Located close to a state park, this place gives anglers a solid fishing experience. You can get whiting, speckled trout and sand trout, among many others. Since it's not as popular as other fishing places, waters here are clearer. Parking is free and no stickers are required if you come from Access Road 2.


In the end, there are obviously many more fishing places in Port Aransas, but the above mentioned locations provide multiple amenities and facilities too, especially if you don't have your fishing equipment with you.

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