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Finding the best restaurant in Port Aransas is usually a matter of personal preferences, especially if you're into a particular cuisine. However, certain locations are known for impressing their guests, regardless of their preferences. Besides, you're on holiday – even if you find a good restaurant, chances are you'll return once, but then you'll also want to try out others. There are a few major options that you simply shouldn't overlook once you get to Port Aransas.

The Fish House

Located close to the Tarpon Inn at 224 Cotter Street, this restaurant is obviously based on fish meals. Even if you're not a big fan of fish, you'll be surprised to find both traditional and less common dishes. The menu is quite diversified and ranges from simple burgers and fish tacos to more sophisticated fish specials.

The best part about The Fish House is that everything is cooked on site with fresh fish that was caught the same day. The décor is likely to make a good impression too. It's old fashioned and based on traditional features, such as large windows and wooden floors. If you like eating outdoors, go upstairs and enjoy the outdoor deck. Fish tastes much better when you also feel the sea breeze in your nose.

Seafood And Spaghetti Works

Seafood And Spaghetti Works tries to make a statement and convince you to try this combo. It's an old player among local restaurants, but it has been recently reopened in a new place – 910 Highway 361. Based on the food, this might be the best restaurant in Port Aransas. You'll find shrimps, crab cakes, calamari and pretty much any appetizer – from pasta to pizza. Simply put, this place can satisfy both seafood lovers and more traditional gourmands.

The bar adds to the overall experience with a wide plethora of cocktails and long drinks. The décor is quite attractive – a large open space room with a massive bar and traditional accessories. What makes this place even more special is the fact that it has its own gift shop – excellent to hang around while your food is being cooked.

Stingray's Taphouse And Grill

Located at 401 Beach Street, Singray's Taphouse And Grill is excellent for both meals and drinks. You don't necessarily have to eat when you go there though, yet you should. The place is quite busy, which can only mean that the food is good and fresh. It's close to the beach, so it makes a good choice for lunch before going back to your house. There's a legend regarding the two fully functional Corvettes from the '70s hanging over the long bar – ask the barkeeper.

Food is cooked fast and even if it might take longer at lunchtime, you can kill your time watching TV, having a cocktail or listening to some live music. There are plenty of evening events held on a regular basis. As for the menu, you have seafood choices and more traditional selections, like pizza, sandwiches and burgers.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix may look like a new place, but it's actually the reinvented version of the old Café Phoenix – a legendary name in the area. Freshly established at 345 N. Alister Street, most guests come to this place for traditional dining on the deck. What can be better than having some of the best food in Port Aransas Texas while smelling the sea breeze?

The restaurant is mostly specialized in Mediterranean cuisines. You'll be able to enjoy Greek salads, the famous pita gyros and a wide variety of sandwiches. It makes a good choice for those who like light meals without spending too much time waiting and eating. Instead, you can fill your belly and go for the next adventure.

Irie's Island Food

Located close to The Phoenix at 503 N. Alister Street, this boutique place might be the best seafood restaurant Port Aransas. Don't be put off by its small size though – it has nothing to do with the food. In fact, its size creates a cozy and familiar atmosphere. The menu is quite large and includes chicken, salads, hot dogs, burgers, tacos and even more sophisticated deals.

If you come with a large group of friends, the tables inside can easily take 10 people. However, if the weather is nice, it pays off grabbing a picnic table outside. You can just as well get your food on the go and enjoy it on the beach – after all, that's why you're in Port Aransas.

Keep in mind that some of the meals are quite large, so don't order too much until you get an idea about it.

The Black Marlin

The Black Marlin is not all about food, but also about entertainment. You'll find this cozy restaurant at 258 Snapdragon. The menu will make your venture quite confusing – what should you choose? Should you get a burger? How about some bone marrow? Exactly! Try out things you've never tried before because the chefs on site know what they're doing.

If you like the atmosphere, you can come back for a relaxing evening as well. There are several nights with live music, while the third floor bar allows having cocktails while watching the sunset. All these amenities make The Black Marlin one of the busiest restaurants in Port Aransas, so it pays off making reservations before popping in.

Venetian Hot Plate

Located at 232 Beach Avenue, Venetian Hot Plate was actually established by two Venetians. This is the finest Italian food you can have in Port Aransas. You can opt for basic dishes like pizzas and pastas, but also more diversified meals that you have never heard about. Reservations are a must, as the restaurant is often packed around lunch and dinner.


In the end, you obviously have countless options. There are many more good restaurants in Port Aransas worth being mentioned, but these are the front runners. If you don't want to take any chances, this is where you have to go.

Even if you like a particular cuisine, it pays off trying some of the local seafood dishes as well. Given its location, Port Aransas has a large fishing community. The seafood is always fresh and caught the same morning, while the chefs around have plenty of experience in cooking it.

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