Parasailing Port Aransas Texas – What Options Do You Have?

When it comes to parachutes, most people associate these things with plane jumping, as they're most commonly used for safety while floating down from impressive heights. Parasailing does the exact opposite thing though, as it's often referred to as a kiting activity. Also known as parakiting, this kind of activity implies towing a person behind a vehicle; when the vehicle speeds, the user starts going up.

Whether you want to give your kids the experience of a lifetime or you're just trying to keep entertained on holiday, parasailing Port Aransas Texas might be the right choice.

Parasailing is likely to provide crazy sensations in a safe and efficient way. Sure, at some point, you might end up splashing into the water, but that's just part of the fun. When the boat starts speeding and you go up, your heart fills with satisfaction, while your whole body will be invaded by adrenaline. Even if you have never tried this kind of activity, doing it in Port Aransas makes a great way to improve your adventure on holiday.

Now that you know what to expect, what are the most popular services in Port Aransas? Most importantly, why are they worth your money?

Chute 'Em Up

Chute 'Em Up is currently the one and only parasailing location in Port Aransas. Given its popularity, reservations are highly recommended, especially during the hot season or on weekends. However, if there is room, walk ups are always accepted. It's not really worth taking the risk though.

You can bring in your camera or smartphone for some stunning pictures, yet the experts on site don't really recommend it due to the risk of breaking down if you drop them in water. Luckily, the service provides plenty of equipment, while your guide will also take pictures for your peace of mind.

The maximum height you can go to is likely to exceed 250 years, so you'll capture some beautiful landscapes. Got a dog? Pets are not allowed and they shouldn't be forced into such activities anyway, as they tend to stress and freak out. Instead, leave your furry friend by the docks – it will be given fresh water, as someone will take care of it. Another good news is you don't need to swim. While you can splash if you want to, takeoffs and landings are made from the boat. If you can't swim, you won't get wet – simple like that.

Chute 'Em Up can fly three people at the same time – great for families and small groups of friends. Moreover, there are no weight restrictions. Anyone can fly in parasailing – with or without experience.


The good news is parasailing in Port Aransas Texas actually happening and provides guests with a unique adventure. The bad news is there's only one place, so you'll have to make some early reservations. There were more parasailing businesses in the area a decade ago, but they closed. Only time can tell whether or not new services will open up anytime soon.

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